Shared links directory

Where I can find shared links directory in NextCloud?

One of the shared links has expried… and it looks easier (than sending message to multiple people and later on explain to use the new one etc.) either to generate it again (with the same address) or generate new one and edit it’s address to be the old one.

I’ve checked MySQL database and I don’t see it, I’ve looked also in files firectory via FTP and also I don’t see…

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You user can look at the left side “shares”. I think it is possible to set a new timeout.
It is the share of the user. The user must set the new timeout.

Yes, but after timeout links are disappearing… so there is no option to set new timeout.
That is why I’m looking for “place” where nextcloud is storing all links to do small manipulation with one of links.

Really? I think i must test it. Perhaps it can be changed in next releases.
Tomorrow i have got a test link :wink:

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Thank for your help!
If I need to addjust my configuration - I’ll more than happy to do that.

And another question: when I share file and I use timeout… I see date, as bellow:

But after refreshing website, I see no date (sharing link will work untill set date, but I don’t have a record of what date it was):

Is it normal?

It is not normal. I see the date after refresh.
With 18.0.3 twenty minutes ago and now with 18.0.4 .

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar