Shared Links: cannot open subfolders (TypeError)

after upgrading NC13 ->14->15 i have some trouble opening folders in shared links. Users can open the shared links, and see all file/folders in it. Opening files works as expected. On folders the content-size is displayed correct, try to open a folder gives me an javascript-error:

JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.0 core.js:7:542
TypeError: OCA.Files.App is undefined[Weitere Informationen] fileactions.js:664:5

  • registerDefaultActions https://[myDomain]/nextcloud/apps/files/js/fileactions.js?v=c6a4be6f-0:664*
  • action https://[myDomain]/nextcloud/apps/files/js/fileactions.js?v=c6a4be6f-0:136*
  • _onClickFile https://[myDomain]/nextcloud/apps/files/js/filelist.js?v=c6a4be6f-0:759*
  • _onClickFile self-hosted:975*
  • dispatch https://[myDomain]/nextcloud/core/vendor/core.js?v=c6a4be6f-0:3*
  • handle https://[myDomain]/nextcloud/core/vendor/core.js?v=c6a4be6f-0:3*

By clicking on the folder there is no network-traffic and no notes in logfiles.

This behaviour is on all Browsers on Linux/Win/IOs… On NC13 everything works fine. The Installation is on a hosting-plattorm. An identical installation on a same platform also works fine. I cannot find a difference between these installations.

Can somebody help me?

works fine. Thanks a lot!!!