Shared Links broken after oc 9 > nc10 > nc11 // index.php


Ok, i finally got some days of and migratet my owncloud 9 to a new debian server, then migrated to NC10 (“manual”) then to NC 11 (via updater app).

Except not getting letsencrypt working, i spotted that all my shared links are broken. (straight 404)
meanwhile i fugured out that the only problem seems to be.

the old shared links in ownlcoud look like:


when i login to nc and look at a shared link the link looks like


and if i add that “index.php” to an old link everything is working fine.

i think that could be worked around with some mod_rewrite magic but i wonder what would be the clean and good soloution for that.

best thanks

You can use pretty URLs in Nextcloud as well:

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Thanks a lot!
after getting .htaccess working, (in apache.conf i nedded to set AllowOverride to All) and adding the RewriteBase (which was missing in the config) it worked.
since it took loads of time to do that, i figured out that my .htaccess file is hudge and that if i delete it and just generate a new clean one, tha redirection “works” (no 404 site) but i get a message from owncloud that it could not find the file…

this just as a note since i don’t remeber to have done anything in the .htaccess file myself this could be the case for any long migratet system ( i think i started with oc5 or 6)

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