Shared folders with nested single-user access below


we’ve set up NextCloud 15 on our own servers. So far, we haven’t seen too many issues (or none that we couldn’t solve).

However, there’s one thing that veses me: Every month, our employees get their pay slip info via email. I would like to create one group folder that has stuff available for every employee (like our policies and the like) and then individual directories that only that one user sees where I can put HR-related files. Like the pay slips.

I was trying to do this with Group Folders, but everything below the Group folder is accessible for everyone of that Group.

As Admin, I do not have access to the user’s private file structures.

Any idea on how to set this up?

I do this by setting up groups for the parent (Parent-All and Parent-Read-only) and then create child folders using Groupfolders by creating folders with the names ParentFolder/ChildFolder1, ParentFolder/ChildFolder2, etc. Set up the corresponding groups of ChildFolder1-All, ChildFolder1-read-only, ChildFolder-All, etc and assign users to appropriate group. Remember that the user MUST have privileges to see and enter the parent to get to the child folder.

Hopefully that helps.

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Thank you - that seems to work!

I’m glad it was useful.