Shared folders - limit edit/delete to the user creating the file?


I have installed Nextcloud 18.0.7 to test it. Is it possible to have a shared folder - where users - can create subfolders and upload files - but only edit/delete files/folders they have created themselves (unless they are some kind of moderator/admin)

A normal user only can create, delete and share the own files.

You can also use groups and file permissions.

Please explain your usage.

I will try to do a more thorough explanation. It is for a small association. Let’s say we have 2 groups OrdinaryMembers and MembersOfTheBoard: Sarah and John are in the group OrdinaryMembers and George is in the group MembersOfTheBoard.

We have a shared folder called Photos: All people in the group OrdinaryMembers should be able to create folders below the shared Photos folder and upload to the folders. Let’s say John creates the folder NewYear. Both Sarah and John can upload files to this folder and they can see each other files. But Sarah cannot delete/edit files John has uploaded, and John cannot delete/edit files Sarah has uploaded. Only members of the group MembersOfTheBoard can do that.

Is that possible to do?

Indeed this is an important use case described by @PSN. Has there been any progress in determining whether this is possible?