Shared folders don't show up for new users

Ok this is the case:
user1, user2 and user3 are member for group1
user1 shares a folder with group1
user2 and user3 see that folder just as they should.

But now the problem starts:

I create a new user, user4 and assign it membership in group1.
user4 is member of a group with access, but he can’t se the folder.

How do I solve this? I can’t live with a solution where all people have to re-share all there stuff each time there is a new member in the group.

Can the user see the group in his user settings? Perhaps the user must re-login.

Why don’t you create group storage/folder?
No sharing from member users will be necessary…

Well, looks like it is shared, but ut just not added automaticly, is it any way to make these auto-accept?

You created a group. Now create a group folder for this group
Every user member of the group will see its content. No additional sharing necessary

But they can also change the files? I just want the owner (and maybe admin) to be able to make changes to other’s files


Yes just try, group folders app is very useful. But groupfolders have some problems with trashbin and sometimes dont show the advanced parameters.

For trashbin :

Not necessarily…
You can assign different access rights to different groups