Shared folder won't rename for all parties

Hey guys,
One of my team members created a folder and shared it with me. After a while I renamed the folder but he sees the old name while I see the new name. Logging in or out didn’t fix it. Any ideas?

Please don’t ignore the issue template and fill-in information about your environment and how you’re testing. Additionally make sure you clear the browser caches.

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Oh sorry, I thought that was a suggestion. I will follow the structure for future posts.

It might be a feature too.

If the original folder is located on a user account, rather than a group folder, this is intentional. You can always rename the shared folder on your account probably since you cannot guarantee distinct folder names at all. Just think of the Photos folder in NC. If you would be shared a couple of those, then it would be hard to distinguish between them, wouldn’t it? This is, why NC lets you rename folder you have been shared.