Shared folder with same name starts override each other at recipient view

Docker image: nextcloud:24-fpm-alpine

The issue you are facing:
Multiple users share ‘_explorer’ folder to recipient user. As expected, recipient users start see folders as:

  • _explorer(2)
  • _explorer(3)
  • _explorer(4)
  • _explorer(5) (23 minutes ago)

Then next share happens form new user (13 minutes ago).
Expected was to see:

  • _explorer(6) (13 minutes ago)

Unfortunately there was an overwrite on, recipient user files:

_explorer(5) (23 minutes ago) --> _explorer(5) (13 minutes ago)

Since now, each new user share: overrides folder:
instead of creating:

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y/N): Y

Steps to replicate it (looks like random but):

  1. Share folder with same name from ‘multiple users’ to ‘recipient user’

The outputs:

No errors, logs connected to issue. Fresh docker installation.


I will be grateful for any hints

I’m not sure what you are doing there, but I would suggest avoiding the name collisions to begin with.

If only one account is receiving all these shares, I believe you can rename or move the folder just on the receiving side.