Shared folder on external storage

I am trying to connect a group to a shared folder, stored on external storage. I would like that group to only see this folder as the root folder, and be able to do anything (sharing, adding new folder, etc) from within that folder.
I was able to create a group folder, but i can not set the storage location of this folder to my external storage. Also, a user from a group that is a assigned to a group folder can still see all the other folders of my cloud.
I hope i explained that right. Any help would be appreciated.


I have the same situation. Trying to set up Nextcloud for an organization that has multiple committees, each established as a group. We are using Amazon S3 for file storage, but need to establish folders for each group that reside on external storage and are secured by group. We have limited storage for the hosting server so need to utilize external storage. Is there a way to set this up that I am missing? Any help or pointers to do this would be greatly appreciated.

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+1 from me
My local storage is quite limited and expensive.
I would love to store group folders on my S3 Wasabi