Shared folder - message for new files in it

Hi NextcloudlerInnen,

is there a way to send (Mail) give (trigger) information to the “shared user” that a new file is stored in the export/shared folder?

Thanks for all.

PS using Nextcloud 19.0 … 20.0 … 23.0 an Debian buster/bullseyes it works absolutely perfect - congratulation to the developers

I think that only works with the app Guests
Read my post from today.

Hi devnull,

thanks for your information - i’ll test it. And how its works for real user (Nextcloud internal)?


There is a user and an admin based “notification”.

(also Guests)

But i think there is a problem with upload. But i think there are issues at Github for years.
I think there are notifications for sharing but not for upload single files in a share.

sure that the shared user gets an information when a new file is stored in the share?
Guest - looks for me as a new GUI for creating a guest account and shares thinks. But the standard process is working well too.

I hope I understood it correctly