Shared folder marked as "no-sync"

I want to share a very huge Folder with hundreds of Videos with my pal.
As soon as i share the folder, the Desktop Client of the other Person starts to sync this folder.

I would love to see an Option while sharing where you can mark that Folder as “no-sync”, so
the Folder and ist Content appears on the others Directory, but the files stay on the Server
and the other user can see only links to the files or maybe selectively synchronise some.

I do not want the other user automatically download all of that files as the bandwidth and maybe
even the local harddrive will not be sufficient.

Is there anything similar in place already ? haven’t found yet.

No, this would require an expansion of the current CRUDS sharing system. To CRUDSS :wink:
Maybe @rullzer is willing to implement this.

As a workaround there is a limit on the folders, normally above 500 MB confirmation from the sharee is required.

So if you fill the folder first and then share it, your users are not spammed …

This might be a solution for your problem: A folder for all shared files (defined per user)