Shared folder disappeard - nothing in trash can

I setup a shared folder a long time ago and there are several sub-folders in that folder. I map that folder via openmediavault (webdav) to a ftp server and use it for serveral cameras to upload pictures.

This morning the folder is empty. The sync client on my linux desktop removed the local folder but I can not see anything in trahs - neither on my side nor on my wife (when I say shared folder it is just 2 users).

I am not to much worried about the files since I backup everything but I am worried in general how easy a full folder can get removed. I use ngnix as a reverse proxy and started to look on the log files but so far I could not find the entry which removed the whole folder.

Are there some nextcloud log files which are helpfull to figure out what happend? Is there a way to setup nextcloud to always use the trash can? I mean it looks like the trash can will get used when I delete files via the web but when webdav / a sync client is removing files they seem to get permanently deleted …

Please let me know what are the best ways to figure out what happend any try to prevent it or be better prepared,


P.S.: i just noticed that group folders got deactivated. I guess that i got a new version via watchtower (docker) and since groupfolders is not marked as working with the latest version it got automatically deactivated (I did not try to activate it yet since I am not sure about what can happen if I do that)