Shared files on a different folder... But with a specific setup

Hello Nextclouders!

I’m facing a very big issue with the Nextcloud deployed for my volunteers.

I deployed the Nextcloud to allow people to access their files remotely: we have some teams, which have to share files between people in the same team but also between teams.

So I create a superuser with which I created one folder by team. I created one group by team, and shared each folder with the corresponding group. The quota for all members is 0B, to avoid users to put some files just for themselves, so they use the folder from their teams to work and put their files.

Everything goes nice so far, but now their are a lot of shared files between teams, and everybody has a lot of files at the root of their files directory : it becomes to be very difficult to work like that.

SO, I had the idea to move all shared files in one folder using 'share_folder' => '/Shared',in the config.php file but… it means ALL files for each user will be moved in this folder.

Example : You are from the “Communication” team, so you are in the “Communication” Nextcloud’s group. The “Communication” folder has been created by the superuser, and shared to the “Communication” group. You have access to the Communication folder (by a sharing).

If I move the shared files (by other users or other teams) to a different folder, both “Communication” folder and all shared files will be in this folder :frowning:

I’m looking for a way to combine all behaviours, without any kind of solution for now… I can draw you something if my explanations aren’t this clear ^^