Shared files in talk listed in home directory


When in a conversation I share a file with other participants using the paperclip, the file is then listed in their home directories. After a more or less long time, depending on how many files have been shared with them, it may become quite a very long list.

This tends to lengthen the time it takes for the home files list to be displayed for each of them…

I was wondering why it was like this, and if there was a way to change it.
Of course they may “unshare” these files in their home directory, but 1. they asked nothing to get them listed here and 2. this may be risky in case they don’t care enough and delete a personal file in the list…

Talk acts as kinda “dump” in this case: it adds a new share for the file you are adding to the conversation. By default, new incoming shares are added to the root folder in the files app. I’m not aware of an option that changes this behaviour.

You could move shared files to an arbitrary folder like you would do with any other file.

Thanks @anon99283430 for the explanation, you’re right Talk acts the same way as when one shares a file with others: this file is then displayed in their home folders.

And then, it’s up to them to move these new entries to the folder they want. There’s no other solution to lighten the home directory list. It would be a good option to let the user parameter a “shared with me” folder at his level.

So this is not related to Talk.

Yep, it may be worth a feature request which would need to go there (havn’t checked if there already is one, so you might do this before posting a new one):

Seems like someone heard you, there will be a first adjustment in the next major talk release with Nextcloud 19:

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That’s good news! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yup, this is in Talk 9:



We are delighted to announce today that Struktur AG has agreed to open source the
high performance back-end. This makes it possible for many small schools, charities
and other organizations to deploy Nextcloud and scale to larger numbers of users.

Didn’t see this coming…!