Shared external storage woes

Hello everyone,
I would like to have confirmation of my understanding of external storage and NC.
There are 2 possibilities for users to access external storage, be it the global configured (with its variants as to the credentials used, group access and other parameters) and the per user configured.
I am particularly interested in the first case. Where I configure an external storage that has the credentials tied to the user login. This storage is the same, but in NC it is seen as independent for each user… internally it is handled as different mounts for each user; it is indexed separately, fulltext works independently and generates DB for each user, internal links are different, collabora does not edit simultaneously because it is not “the same file”, etc., etc…

What little of the internal modelling of NC I saw leads me to believe this is a design limitation/decision.
Is it as I have described or I am making some error when configuring and I could be benefiting from the “common/shared” external storage?

Best regards