Shared drive in Nextcloud

In a LAN you usally have a central server holding files and offering them to the clients via one or more shared drives. If you would like to move the data to the cloud, you will get rid of the local server and move all data into the cloud (Nextcloud). You run the Nextcloud-Client on each local client to synchronize the data between the client and the cloud (and with that to all other users).

If you now have users who often change the used client PC, the shared data will be synchronized individually for each authenticated user on the PCs local drive. So with, lets say, 50 users, the shared files will be copied to the local drive 50 times. It is clear, that when scaling up the number of users or the size of the shared data, problems could arise.

So the question is:
Is there an option to keep the local server holding all shared data. If the users are working at a client in the LAN they use the data on the local server. If the users are on the road it synchronizes via the usual Nextcloud client to the local drive at the mobile/home office PC.
So in the LAN the data is stored once at the central server and accessed via Shared Drive in the LAN.
And each mobile / home office user has its local copy of the data beeing synchronized via Nextcloud.

For this to work there must be a software running on the server synchronizing all data to the Nextcloud instance. While individual files on the local server are beeing changed via the LAN.

Is there a solution for this? A single Nextcloud-Client for the server?

If I understand your question correctly then mostly yes.
You can get NextCloud to store files and look on a share drive (server).
I have done this to a Windows server and it works flawlessly. You just need to enable and set up SMB shares. As a side note this doesn’t work with the snap install of NC.

However reading your question it sounded like you were thinking about two or more users accessing a file at the same time? I believe NC allows collaborative editing but I have never used this so can’t confirm.

Hope this is of some hrlp