Shared .docs File and Collabora Online


how can a shared .docx file be edited by others without downloading it?
Collabora Online crashes all the time. :confused:
Background: i am working on my bacherlor thesis. Here two people are supposed to proofread at the same time.

I use

Thanks :slight_smile:

As far as I know Hetzner’s Nx10 does not include Collabora. For that you need to get a separate server e.g. from Hetzner.

I considered that option but now I’m thinking of moving my NC over to Webo. For almost the same money as on Hetzner they give you NC + Collabora/OnlyOffice and also automatic daily backups.

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Yeah, it’s actually a consideration for me now. But I would like to have german servers.

Have you switched? Is NextCloud Talk running with the 5€ tariff?