Shared contacts not visable in app

I have a user who has created a “Shared Contacts” address book. This address book is shared with members of a group (who are able to edit).

Group users can see the shared contacts in their Nextcloud when using the website. But they cannot see the shared contacts in their macOS or iOS They can see their own personal contacts in the apps but not the shared ones.

If contacts works the same way as Calendar and Tasks the shared contacts should show up in their apps. But they don’t.

Can I fix this?

The shared address book doesn’t pop-up in the client without manually adding it. The user needs to add it as he did it with his personal address book. As usual you can look up the share link in the web gui of the contacts app :wink:

Are you saying Contacts acts in a different way to Calendar? In Calendar a user can create a CalDAV account in their client app and sign in using their Nextcloud username/password. They then see their own and any shared calendars to which they have been granted access. No manual adding of shared Calendars.

I would have expected Contacts to be using CardDAV and work the same. This is how the client app works for - for example - iCloud accounts.

I don’t understand why I would have to use the share link if I have already shared the address book.

Just a little update. This seems to be a problem in the macOS, thing work as expected in iOS and iPadOS. Naturally, I need it to work for desktop users under macOS more than iPhone or iPad…

That sounds good. Most applications, like e.g. Thunderbird/Lightning, don’t support browsing for a new DAV resource and therefore the URL for each calendar need to be added manually.

I can confirm that. A while ago I invested some time in this topic:

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