Shared Contacts dont't show up in Birthday-Calendar

I’m running;

  • Nextcloud 16.0.5
  • Contacts 3.1.6
  • Calendar 1.7.1

Before filing a bug-report I would like to check if I make no mistakes;
I’m running a Nextcloud instance for my family and I currently have a problem with the Contact-lists. In the default-setting there is one contact-list which seems ‘global’, so accessible to all users. This is an unwanted situation because everyone has its private contacts.

The solution is to work with both a shared contacts-list and a private contacts-list. The shared contacts-list contains all family-members withe addresses and birthdays and the private contacts-list contains all other contacts which don’t need to be shared. No problem in setting up these two but the birthday-calendar seems to only process the private contacts-list.

I would like to see that the birthday-calender contains all know birthdays from all contacts-lists for which the user is authorized. So both private- and shared contacts-lists.

I tried the following to achieve my goal;

  • In the ‘global’ contacts-list I tried to work with Groups-settings but these don’t seem to do anything.
  • I removed the Birthday-calendar and re-generated it by issuing the occ-command.
  • I tried to flip a contact between contacts-lists but this only results in double entries in the contacts-list. By flipping, thus copying, a contact from the shared contacts-list to the private contacts-list the contact shows in the birthday-calendar but I don’t want double entries in the contacts-list. One reason is updating which should take place on only one entry.

Am I doing something wrong and if so I could use some explanation or should I file a bug-report or a feature-request.

That works for me exactly as you described it, but I’m already using Nextcloud 17 so I cannot verify if there was a deficiency which has been fixed n the meantime.

I performed an upgrade as well, but the situation did not change anything. Versions are now;
Nextcloud : 17.0.0
Contacts: 3.1.6
Calendar: 1.7.1

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