Shared Calendar, choose per user color

My Setup:
Nextcloud 21.01
Official Docker Image

What I’d like to do:

I have set up two Accounts and shared a calendar between them:

So PersonA and PersonB share CalendarA.

I would like to assign a color to each of the entries for each user.
For example,
PersonA will be green
PersonB will be blue

All meetings in Calendar A show up either blue or green depending on the user that entered said appointment into the calendar.

Can anyone tell me how I could achieve that?

I personally wouldn’t recomand to use a single calendar to hold data of multiple persons, because there is currently no way to set individual colors per person. You always have to set a color per individual event you’re creating.

A better way is, to let each user use it’s own calendar for his events which is then shared with each other. Going that way, you can

  • have different colors per person
  • show all calendars in one view in the GUI and also on mobile devices.
  • temporary hide a persons calendar if you’re currently not interested in it.
  • prevent entering data multiple time in different calendars.
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