Shared account with limited functinoalities

I have a community where I want to have a limited (guest) account (protected by password) shared by multiple persons.
As admin I create shared files, contacts and calenders for them.
They (users) will only be capable to read content.
They should not do any setting configuration (including name/password change).
Is it possible with existing nextcloud to have such use case?

At the moment I just give my user shared (public) links for files, contacts and calenders, but I would like to add another “password safety” for such guest account.


No idea what you mean by this in English. Could you share a screenshot or other details to clarify?

I just mean an usual account (with name and password) which is shared by a group of people.
And people may login at the same time from different.devices.
They should not change any setting and can just view content.

Use the app Guests (video). Share with this user the files/folders only read-only. If you create the guest user and you set the password, you can send the link to your Nextcloud login page, the username and the password to all users. But i don’t think you can prevent the user from changing the password.

I tested it for you. I think the guest user can only login with email and not with username. Maybe someone can verify it.

Crate a normal read-only share with password.