Share your installation/setup scripts?

Dear All,

i am looking for a comprehensive install and basic setup script for Nextcloud on Debian strech. As a non professional user I have tried multiple manual installs that all work nicely but some component or config detail is always missing or i use outdated components.
I know there are various pre bulit packages available (like docker images or snaps) but from a security standpoint these pose a risk as non-needed code or even malicous code could be introduced. Personally i trust only the official Nextcloud releases. Install scripts, if written transparently, can be easily screened and adjusted if needed. I would be greatful if some of You would share their basic install and setup (and recommended adjustments from the documentation) sricpts with me and in extension the entire community.

Thank you all

or on docker (needs still some improvements)

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This script has worked well for me on both Raspbian and Debian(9)

It has a small bug tho, presently, nobody has have had time to look into (if you care to look into it, would be great) :wink:

The issue concerns only listing all users, when not part of a group. Script itself works fine and gets you up and running in no time.

@AkimoDE would be happy to help …

Goal is to have a debian/apache/letsencrypt/php7.2/phpmyadmin/mariaDB/fail2ban/ipdbrepost/munin/next15 install, with if needed softraid with ndadm/lvm2 and a webmin too

prerequiste are:

  • debian stretch minimal netinstall with nothing else than openssl …
  • ssh access and root/pass
  • a domain name
  • a machine
  • a little time for playground

if it is ok for you, we can go on an step by step manual install … PM me …