"Share with" from Linux Nautilus?

Hi Friends!
Do you know if is it possible from Linux Nautilus file manager, using right click mouse, share NC file or directory?

many thanks!


Yes it’s possible.
You have of course to install the nextcloud client, and for the Nautilus integration you have to install the “python-nautilus” package.

Well, I’ve installed “python-nautilus” package and “nextcloud-client-nautilus”,
Now on Nautilus is present the menu “Nextcloud” where I can share files and directory.
Anyway, is not possible to share via mail (directly) files or directories.
For share via mail files or directories is necessary copy the link (private or public) and past it into a mail.

Is this correct? Actually is not possible send link directly via mail from the Nextcloud Nautilus integration?

Thanks again!

It’s correct, you can’t send directly, you have to copy/paste the link.

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Thanks for your help! :wink: