Share user account with supervisor

In general, all is working well with the nextcloud install.
I would have a question and would be happy if I could get an answer if it is possible.
I have accounts for interns (interns 1 -20) who upload the files they work on.
There is an Intern Supervisor in the company that monitors all the uploads and ensures they do their daily report.
I started this by making one folder in each intern account called intern# and shared this folder with the supervisor so that he could access all intern files. However, people often upload files into the root or create another folder outside the shared folder.
Therefore, the question would be if sharing a whole account with another user is possible. Similar to where you can transfer all files to another user, which makes a folder “Files from User_name” in the account you transfer the files to. I would like to see if it is possible to share with another Nextcloud user a whole account. So that, for example, it would make a folder “Shared Account Intern#” which has all files of the user inside in the same structure as on the users account

It would be a good feature is not possible because the supervisor needs to log in to 30 intern accounts regularly to ensure the people do the upload correctly and on time.

Thank you all for your opinions and assistance.

Well if they really have to do that, It seems that there are more fundamental issues which aren’t of a technical nature and which probably can’t or shouldn’t be addressed with technology. :wink:

Anyways… in order to answer your question:

No there is not a button one can press that shares everything from an account with an admin or supervisor. But if you are an adminstartor, there are of course ways to gain access to other accounts like e.g.

But again. There shouldn’t be a need for this in the first place…

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, currently, we do use the impersonate plugin for this.
I am not sure of a better way to resolve this. Every intern has files that are often confidential. So they upload it to the cloud that only they can access. But the supervisor checks out the files.
I guess I just need to enforce more that they place everything within the folder I can share so that I do not need to share root. I just wanted to ensure this is not possible before I do the necessary action.

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Maybe you can use a combination of http-301-redirect and Nextcloud “internal link”. Tell the user only use the personal link:

https://www.server.tld/maxmustermann (link for user to upload, works only for user who are logged in to Nextcloud)


Go to Sharing of the directory and copy/paste “Internal Link”.

Maybe you can also use the app ShareRenamer for nice links e.g. https://cloud.server.tld/s/maxmustermann

If the user only need this directory you maybe use Group folders and set quota to 0 B. :wink: