Share Password With Other Uses Issue

I just updated the password app to 2018.7.0. It has a new feature to allow me to share the passwords with users, but I am experiencing an issue that I don’t know if it’s a nextcloud, password app, or my setup. I was wondering if I could get some troubleshooting help.

When you go to share the password with a user, you will receive a message “The user does not exist” I believe this is caused by a setting in Nextcloud I have disabled “allow username autocomplete in share dialog. If this is disable the full username or email address needs to be entered” Normally, I can type in the full username to a folder and be fine. I have this disabled because I have to follow NDAs.

I bet this setting is what causes the issue, because when I enable it, I can then type in my username to the share list in the password app and share the password with my user. So I don’t know, is this a nextcloud, password app, or my setup issue.

Nextcloud 13.0.5.

I think you’re right about this. The user id/user name is checked client side with data from the username autocomplete. Since there is no data, the check fails and you see the message. You should head over to GitHub and file a bug for the passwords app.

I opened a ticket with the password app.