Share of file or folder for a new registered user not working


Users: 8

Files: 4314

Storages: 9

Free Space: 1 TB



Apps installed: 78

Apps updates available: 0


Version: 7.1.33

Memory Limit: 128 MB

Max Execution Time: 3600

Upload max size: 64 MB


Type: mysql

Version: 10.2.31

Size: 11.2 MB

I am hoping to please get some help with a frustrating problem. The share feature to users is not working.

If I select the user to share I am only presented in the box to share via email. If I try with admin I get the user icon and it works.

Only started happening after about the 5th user I created. Since I created this many users share is not working as it should.

The Install of about 2 months has been running well up to this point.

Anything else I should check in my settings?

Thanks in advance.