Share link only valid a few hours

Hello, is it possible to restrict a file-share on hourly basis? I want to share a file for a limited time (e.g. 1 hour). In that time the user can download the file. In Nextcloud21 and 22 i only have the option of restricting a file-share to a date.
Thanks Martin

Why do you need this feature? It does not make any sense, not even in terms of security.

I want to send a file-share that is only valid for e.g. 1 hour.

Yes. But 1 hour vs. 2 hours vs … x hours … ???
Then a a file-share with burn-after-reading would be a better feature.
I asked in the issues but nobody want to implement it.
Another cool issue is if the receiver can delete the link.

Look (Burn-after-Reading) or e.g.
After download the link is gone.

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Thank you for your reply.