Share Link for a "Dummy"

Hi everyone, I think my question could be asked on any forum about sharing. Maybe there will still be someone who can help me.
I was wondering if there is any way to create a share link for a “dummy” that I can later attach a file to. In my example, we want to create a QR code that relates to a file in our next cloud, but the file (video) has not yet been edited. However, the QR code will be printed on a gift before the video is ready.
Can someone help me?

Maybe you can use something like and then redirect it with a .htaccess file to

This way you decouple the link on the QR code from the actual content.

This is not possible. Perhaps with the app Sharing Path . But i would not use it.

You can set a e.g. php-redirect outside nextcloud like this:
Create in your webserver root (not nextcloud) a folder “eventname” and in the folder “eventname” the file index.php


header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");
header("Location:  https://cloud.server.tld/s/xxxxxxxxxx");
header("Connection: close");

Then the QR code shows to https://www.server.tld/eventname which redirects to the value you set in “index.php” . Now you can set afterwards the correct link and modify it every time.
Please test it first with a shared test document. You can it modify afterwards again.

I use this (ok with an extra script for a lot of files) for nextcloud sharing. Nobody likes the nextcloud sharing link names :wink: I manage all nextcloud shares in a text file accessed through php and 301 redirect. Would be a nice feature in nextcloud. Perhaps someone like to program it.