Share link doesn't use domain with german umlaut but punycode domain

Hi all,
I’m not sure if I post in the correct category, please move my post if necessary.

My Nextcloud server has an IDN domain with an “ö” in the URL.
It works fine but every time I create a share link, it uses the punycode domain ( https://xn–……) instead of the correct domain with ö.
Because this is very ugly, i change it by hand each time.

The configuration contains both domains as trusted domains, the one with ö is the first one.
I tried setting overwrite.cli.url and overwritehost but it doesn’t make a difference.

I’m running:
nextcloud 12.0.1~jessie
Debian Jessie 8.9
nginx 1.6.2-5+deb8u5
php 5.6.30+dfsg-0+deb8u1

Is there a way to rewrite the share link or configure it correctly?

Thank you very much!


PS: The nextcloud windows client doesn’t like hostname in my SSL cert which I had to create with a punycode because let’s encrypt doesn’t seem to support IDNs correctly. But it can be ignored easily.

I could just imagine that there is some standard parsing to create punycode. I’d suggest to put your request on github. IDN domains are not used that often.
(I only would use the IDN domain if you own the real domain with oe instead of ö as well. Not many people understand that this can make a difference)

Thank you, I’ll try posting on github.