Share link by e-mail unlogical


At the moment I’m evaluating NextCloud (15.0.2) to check it I should replace our actual OwnCloud environment. Now I find most parts are working like it should and some parts have to be handled in a different way. But unfortunately one of the most important features (sending a link by e-mail) is structured totally unlogical.
Why first supply an e-mail address, select the option to send out the e-mail and after that you can change the sharing settings. This while the e-mail containing the share is already sent out.
It’s just like the world is upside down.
Why not the option to share a public link (by e-mail) just like at OwnCloud where you can set all preferences and at the end supply the e-mail. In that case only one e-mail is sent out.
Is there perhaps another way, except creating a “normal” link and copying that link into a normal e-mail, I’ve not discovered?
Also at creating a normal link the settings can be forced while this is not possible (expiration date, read/write permissions e.g.) at the send by e-mail option. There you have to set the permissions after you’ve sent out the e-mail.

At OwnCloud (community edition) sending the link by e-mail is more logical structured and I’m surprised this is not possible at NextCloud. This sending by e-mail is a showstopper for migrating.
Please can someone help me with this.