Share folder between Nextcloud and Deluge

Hello !

I am using Deluge (Torrent-Client) on my server and attached its download-folder
as local external storage in Nextcloud.
However, Downloads don´t show up in nextcloud propably because they are owned by deluge:deluge.

How do I configure ownership in a way that nextcloud can read and write files
created by deluge ?

I tried so far unsuccessfully

  • gpasswd -a web12 deluge (I use ISPConfig) in an attempt to add nextcloud user to
    the deluge group
  • I edited /etc/systemd/system/deluged.service and gave deluged the same user
    and group as nextcloud (web12:client0)

Just noted that files, even with correct ownership and permission don´t show up in nextcloud when added to the external folder unless I initiate a rescan with:
sudo -u web12 php occ files:scan user --path=/user/files/Downloads

any help highly apreciated !!

This step is required any time you externally modify files in a user’s data folder, but should not be required for external storage.

You could try adding the www-data user to the deluge group so Nextcloud can read the files, and then set the sticky bit on the folder so files created by Nextcloud in that folder will still belong to the deluge group. Maybe that would do it?

Thanks for responding. I ended up setting UMASK to 000 in the deluge settings, allowing other users to access its downloads.