Share Folder between Group no log

I created a shared folder for a group of users then I found when one of the group members uploaded a file the other group members can’t know was uploaded by who (no logs).

If anyone can help because this log will be very helpful for me.

If it’s a group folder then the files are not really owned by the user who uploaded them. Your web server logs should show who uploaded a particular file.

Think you for your reply,

I created users then I added these users to the group let’s assume the group name is group-A after that I installed (Group folders) from apps from (Group folders) I create a shared folder and I assigned this folder for group-A when any member upload or create a file the others members can’t know the file was created by who.

this is the exact problem I hope you can help me to fix that.

Please take a look at “Activity” > “by others” - you can see effective user performing actions on files…
last action is by authorized user in a Group Folder, first two by anonymous user in a personal share: