Share files, but do not sync


I’d like each member of my family to have a share in NC, which is something easy to do. But also, I’d like to have a ‘static’ file repo where all of them can access to torrent files, books, movies, etc. These files are usually large and don’t want them to be synced across devices, or between NC and clients (all family).

Something like:

General Files (downloadable, but not synced)
 - Movies
 - eBooks
 - Torrents

User1 (synced)
 - Docs
 - Pictures
 - Videos

User2 (synced)
 - Docs
 - Pictures
 - Music

Is there anything already developed, or that can be set up to achieve this?


One option is to create shared folders. Keep in mind desktop and mobile clients will not sync folders larger than default 500mb.