Share editable calendar to persons without Nextcloud-Account

I would like to share calendars with people that are not using nextcloud (i.e. they neither are registered users on the same nextcloud server nor have a federated cloud ID).

My current nextcloud version is Nextcloud
In the calendar app I click on the sharing symbol next to the calendar then on the plus symbol (publish calendar) which gives me the “public link” which I can share with other persons. This works well, except that other people cannot add, edit or delete events. Is it possible to achieve that?
It would be perfect if I could even set a password (without admin rights on nextcloud) for each shared calendar, so that only people with the public link and the password would have write permissions, but I guess that’s too much to ask.

Thank you already for any helpful comment!

As you already realized that isn’t possible. You can only share read-only calendars to the public by default. If someone should add your calendar you need to

  • create a fixed user account for him.
  • create a guest account for him.
  • use the appointment app to let someone create appointments in a public calendar.
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Thank you very much for your answer!

Installing the app for guest users or the appointment app will probably work for me.

Still, having the option to give write permissions to anyone via a public link, might still be a useful feature in many situations. Maybe this will be possible in future versions.

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