Share button missing with NC 19 and Firefox 80


Since NC 19 with Firefox 80 the “Share” part is missing on files menu, with another browser it’s here.
If I click on “Shared” mention on a file nothing appear in “share” part.
With Firefox:
Capture du 2020-09-07 16-27-04
With Opera:
Capture du 2020-09-07 16-23-39

I tried to clear cache, delete cookies, in vain.

Do you have ever seen this issue?

Thanks for your help

Hi I’m having the same issue as well, I was about to post that I was missing my shared option as well until you pointed out that on another webpage the share option appears.

Do you think this would be a bug that needs to be reported, or did you happen to find the solution?

As admin, change the color of your theme on Nextcloud. And you should wait 2 minutes on the same page.
And then all icons will reappear …

Prebag L