Share API is disabled

Hello, I’m using the web client for next cloud. I was able to share documents up until last week and now it says Sharing API is disabled.

How do I enable it, or is this a permanent change to the web interface?

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Unfortunately a lot of information to help you is missing.

Please add all necessary information like Nextcloud version, webserver type and version, os version, related log file content.

Without additional information the community members cannot help you.


Ps try finding out about share-status of your instance by logging in to admin account and finding share settings there

Thank you I realized after posting that it may be the case, the trouble is I created an account through a web interface, using Safari on a Mac.

I don’t see a login for admin or any server information. Is it perhaps the way I created the account that is not allowing me to see any of these settings?

it sounds as if you created a normal user-account… i am sure there IS an admin.account

Thanks Jimmy I may have to restart the process all over again and re create it and pay more attention. I’ve been using this setup for months with no problem and all of a sudden it stopped working.

I delete all references to may account both on the web and my Mac and start fresh, Maybe I did do something in the beginning that gave me Jedi powers and I just can’t remember.

Maybe you have changed some settings in
Settings → Administration → Sharing
or maybe the app File Sharing is disabled.

I recreated or re-registered a new account with a brand new email address. When setting up the site I do not get choice to enable sharing. The API is disabled message shows up from the get go.

Is there a specific way of setting up that I need to do besides registering with new email? When I go to my account profile I see accept sharing by default but nothing else.

again… I still think you’re setting up normal user accounts. HOW do you do that?
and how did you setup your instance? self-hosted or shared or managed somewhere else?

and who has admin-rights on your system?

The link I go to setup is It asks me to register and then account is created. Is there another link I need to use to create account as admin?

I think you only get a normal user there.

Which link do I use to create an admin account?

I found another link which does allow me to share. Don’t know how I ended up as a regular user, I’ve been using the same link and shared with others before last week.

I recreated my account on this new link and everything is working.

You can’t create an admin-account there as they only feature normal users.

Which means you better ask your hoster in case of problems.