Share a public link

Hi everybody,

I want to share a PDF file I made myself, by using the public share link of Nextcloud.
No problem to do that but when I modify the PDF file, the share link disapear and I need to share it again.
It modifies also the share link.
Is it possible to keep the same link so the people I share my link with can access the updated files with the 1st link?

Hope my english isn’t too bad and my question is clear.

Thanks for the answers

I don’t know how/if that is possible, but a workaround would be to have it in a folder, and then simply share the folder.

Thanks for the idea.
I’d prefer keep the share link to the file, but it could be a solution.

Not sure if this might be of use to you:

Mind the remark regarding security risk.

Thanks a lot I’ll try this

You could simply share the enclosing folder and then update the PDF in it. Just create a dedicated folder for that and share it via a public link.

Sharerenamer seems to be a good app.

An enclosing folder could be more difficult for basic users… :slight_smile: But it could be possible.

Thanks for your answers !