SFTP documentation

Says: "Nextcloud’s SFTP (FTP over an SSH tunnel) "


Says: “SFTP is not FTP run over SSH, but rather a new protocol designed from the ground up by the IETF ECSH working group. It is sometimes confused with Simple File Transfer Protocol.”

Who should I believe? Is the NextCloud implementation SFTP or FTPS?

Howdy, @mekineer!

This certainly looks like an error in the docs; this is SSH File Transfer Protocol, not FTP-over-SSH.
The rest of the page seems to be accurate, as does the FTP/FTPS page, but it pays to be correct, so let’s see about fixing it.

A quick search doesn’t show any open bugs on this, are you able to file one?

The terms are used interchangeably; you can safely assume SFTP in the Nextcloud docs is the same as the SFTP in the Wikipedia documentation.

Feel free to create a pull request in the documentation and suggest your improvements.