Severe Problem with "php-fpm: pool www" on Nextcloudpi

ich have a problem with my Nextcloudpi running on a Raspi 3, which makes the Nextcloudpi almost unusable. About 50 percent of the time the Nextcloudpi cannot be reached by www or the sync app. It is not a network problem. SSH is working. And using “htop” it shows all four kernels running on 100 percent. There are usually four processes of user “www-data” running 100 percent with the command “php-fpm: pool www”. Does anybody knows what this means and why it is using all the resources of the Nexcloudpi.

I usually have to restart the Nextcloudpi to get things back to normal.

Ny Nextcloudpi is up to date, I do all the updates.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks & best regards

Maybe it is related to this:


Though I must confess that I understand about 20 percent of what is discussed there.

TLDR: I also had similar CPU load on my pi4 and it turned out to be the download manager putting load on my pi4 CPU. Using the built-in video player also puts similar loads on the CPU.

I recently installed the NextCloudPi (18.0.4) using docker on my pi4 (2GB) and noticed high CPU usage caused by php-fpm processes that use about 50-80% of my CPU when downloading large (>1GB) files from my Windows PC via the web page. htop displays the php-fpm processes are in D state during this time and they remain at that state for a long time regardless of you cancel the download or not. I have also tried tuning the php-fpm but that didn’t give any better performance either.

I did some testing on my mobile phone and the CPU usage was hovering around 10-20% when i tried downloading the same file. This made me to go back and test it on my PC but this time without using the download manger (IDM). The CPU usage turned out to tbe the download manager because it created 4 parallel connections to the server to retrieve the files faster. I’m not sure if this is the case with you or not.

I have also noticed that using the built-in video player uses 50-90% usage. I’m still new and playing around with nextcloud, i will post back if i see any unresponsive behavior.

Thanks for this information. I’ll check whether it’s the download manager.

I already deactivated the news app and the video player app. That might have helped a little though I am sure no user of this nextcloud ever used the video player.