Several nextcloud websites not up?

Seems that at least and are not up.
Checked from a remote site, same result.
I was in the middle of an upgrade to 15.0.0. The upgrade worked, but some apps got disabled, now I cannot install any app. is reachable, an hour or so ago I had the same issue there.

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Hi @mjanssens ,

thanks for your patience. We are currently investigating some service outages with parts of our infrastructure and hope that all of our services will be back online soon. I’ll keep you updated over here.


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Thanks @MariusBluem for the update.
In the mean time I rolled back my backup, will pick another moment to try out all the nice novelties in 15.0.0
My 2 cents: perhaps a status page for the public part of the nextcloud infra would be something to keep people informed in a quick way. Something like ?

Yes good idea.

The Server are working again.