Several issues with sharing


I have several issues with sharing, start with the lowest importance:

How can I get the URL for public shares?

I earlier version this was available. Now I can mail the link to somebody but I like to put the link into my private mail. I have to send to mail to my own mail-address, copy the link from this mail and paste it to my private mail I like to send. This is annoying.

How can I remove share?
I did not find any possibility to remove the share again. The only possibility seems to delete the entire file or folder (rename may also work but I did not test) but this could not be the proper solution.
btw, where can I see the expire date of a share, if existing.

Public uploads are allowed
When I open a public shared folder then I can upload files and create folders despite option “Allow public uploads” is disabled. Of course I am not logged in to my nextcloud.

It scares me a bit as the nextcloud community seem to have a watchful eye over security issues.

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