Seventh installation, more errors

I am installing nextcloud again to get rid of bugs.
This time there are only 2 items left. Any ideas where it comes from and how to fix it?
Since everything works, can I leave it as it is?
This is a clean install. I didn’t install anything in the console.

After restarting the server, more errors are shown:
Ahh opensource…

I think your redis service is not configured to start after reboot. That’s why you have redis error. Start redis service.
Propably the database isn’t running. That’s why database error. I’m not sure. Try systemctl status mysql or what ever database you are using to see if it’s running and/or errors.

I have updated nextcloud to the latest version hoping the problems have been resolved. Unfortunately, the update stopped in maintenance mode for half an hour
Then I used the command to turn it off manually:
sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ maintenance:mode --off

Now I have even more bugs. Does nextcloud always install with so many errors?
After all, I didn’t even start using it.

To be frank, for me it looks like you know in no way what you are doing. Just poking in the dark won’t help you.

This is exactly what I do.
I find simple tutorials like this:

Which end like this:

Yes. It’s my fault that I believe these sites and spend days fixing bugs.