Setup Nextcloud with encryption and backup to external source

Hello, I recently setup Nextcloud with Ubuntu 16.04. Enabled default encryption on all my files. And I am going to setup automatic backup to Amazon S3 of all my data files. But there is a problem. How can I access these files if my main server goes down? The files are encrypted…

Any idea on setup? Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can’t access them directly. You need to restore your complete NC setup including the database. There is no manual decryption or recovery script.

So if I setup a cron for my datafolder, my main folder for Nextcloud and a backup for my nextcloud database I would be able to recover my files?
Just by setup my old files?

The config file as well.

That is also done. That should be enough, right?

Should be. I have seen a couple of recovery nightmares with encryption, so please test your recovery procedure.

Allright. Thanks alot :slight_smile: