Setup my second instance of ncp in the same network router

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Im currently trying to setup my second ncp.
Im having trouble with the port forwarding as my first ncp is already using port 80 and 443.

Im not sure what to update or edit to accomplish this. Hoping for any kind of help.


Curious on why you’d want both accessible to the www. Why not use one as local host only?

I want to extend my current setup.

Set-up a port forwarding on your internet router on a different port, like e.g. 8443/tcp, to access <your second Nextcloud instance.

Hi @j-ed
I have setup below configuration but when i go to ncp says

Access through untrusted domain

Please contact your administrator. If you are an administrator, edit the “trusted_domains” setting in config/config.php like the example in config.sample.php.

NCP2 using
external-IP:8880 > internal-IP:80
external-IP:8843 > internal-IP:443

What else am I missing…

Thanks alot…

If you’re accessing your server using the domainname “” and have set-up port forwardings on your internet router, then it should be sufficient to add “” to the list of trusted domains. The used port number can be ignored in this case.