Setup issue with reverse proxy settings ONLYOFFICE

Hi and good day! I would like to forward this thread to a Github issue that I filled I thought was bug to not repeat myself.

When I read the error in your first screenshot correctly, it says, that your nextcloud instance was loaded via https but the internal request to your onlyoffice instance is http only and this is prohibited. can you try to change your destination to https, please (you already have certificate check deactivated)?

I don’t know if this problem is the same as mine but I don’t use any kind of certificate there is only one certificate which is created by the reverse proxy automatically.

The cluster nodes are in a local swarm and communicating without any certificates.

I set this option in the Stack compose file :


Yep. And i think thats the problem: you dont have a certificate. At least the error message states this. Can you try to use a certificate for the instance too? A self signed should do the trick too. And then you could at least see if this was the problem.

Ok now it is working pretty good the documents are loading except the certificate is used is from the one from the facade reverse proxy but because of local TLS communication between Nextcloud and onlyoffice there is a change to the one I self generated for OO.

As a result I get this in the address bar:

From normal TLS it becomes red highlighted.