Setup Info for Dashboard on NC14+

Anyone know where I can find setup information about Dashboard. In particular, the settings for the fields in the attached screenshot?

Is the Username & Password for the eMail address I want to send notifications from? Where is it sent? Can I control what is sent and where?


the Dashboard App does not send any eMails.
It connects to the mailserver and fetches the 5 last obtained eMails of the currently logged in user. So each user has to setup their own eMail credentials.
It displays only the sender and the subject of the eMail, for a first quick overlook.
To do it, it uses the php extension imap which uses usually port 993 for secured connections or port 143 for non-encrypted connections (but POP3 should also work).
The option “validate Cert” is mostly used for self-signed certifacates.
The mailserver depends on your chosen mail provider (at example: for gmail or for yahoo).

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