Setup a collabora server for nextcloud


i am a complete beginner who tries to use collabora online.
The server is only accessible via VPN. Nextcloud is already running on the server and I have a subdomain that points to the same IP address as the Nextcloud server. The Nextcloud server runs on a Ubuntu 18.04 via apache and a ssl certificate.

I loaded the docker image and try to run the collabora server (on the same server as nextcloud) using the subdomain with apache.
My approach:

  • docker pull collabora/code

  • docker run -t -d -p -e ‘domain=my\.nextcloud\.domain’ --restart always --cap-add MKNOD collabora/code
    (not my real domainname)

  • sudo a2enmod proxy

  • a2enmod proxy_wstunnel

  • a2enmod proxy_http

  • a2enmod ssl

Then I changed the following vhost config file line :


to: ServerName my.sub.domain:443
(not the real subdomain name)

now I went on with:

-a2ensite vhostconfigfile

-systemctl reload apache2

The server was running and could be pinged.

I pasted the subdomain URL into the given field in the nextcloud collabora settings with the port 9980 and received:

Could not connect to the Collabora Online server

I know that my subdomain is still missing the SSL certificate but shouldn’t it be possible to establish at least a connection to the subdomain-server at this point?

Since I also don’t know very much about configuration of certificates: Is it possible to use the same certificate from the nextcloud-server for the collabora server?
Do I need to configure the port?

I am a bit overwhelmed with all these topics, I hope somebody could help me figuring this out.
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi Leapy,

I understand your whole setup is “dockerized”, i.e. nextcloud, (possibly) its database and collabora/code, right ?
I ran into the same problem, with a similar setup.

Long story short : nextcloud must be able to talk directly to collabora/code, so you might have a simple dns problem.

Try adding <collabora_code_server_public_ip> <collabora_code_domain> to /etc/hosts on your nextcloud container (i.e. and let us know what happens.