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Please help me, I have nextcloud of the raspberry pi and if I go under the admin via the web interface, then the “nekstklaudpi” option is available to me, which leads to the global settings of the system. Its very convenient.

I recently put another nextcloud on ubuntu. I put all the modules (Apache, php, database, nextcloud itself) manually. Everything works, but there is no option in the web interface that leads to global settings. How to enable it? or all settings only through the command line?


Hello @norkin

you will find the settings behind your avatar at the upper right side of the web interface.

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I apologize, but you didn’t understand … I do not need avatar settings, me need global settings nextcloud in web interface.
In Pi i can open global setting (see above), example…

how to open such settings if nextcloud installed on ubuntu and installed manually?

I’ll ask in a different way … is there a TUI or webUI interface for a nextcloud installed on ubuntu or all settings from the command line ?

ncp collects all the shown data from all over the system… usually you don’t have this kind of overview within nextcloud, itself.

but all the data shown are no secret. you can collect them yourself. it’s just not as compfy as with ncp.

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Ок, i understand