Settings about Nextcloud Talk

I have installed the latest version of Nextcloud (20.0.1) in my institution, which is accessible to all users and from the WAN.
We are experimenting with the integrated “Talk” mode and I have a few questions: is it possible to limit the bandwidth of the user’s video and to restrict a particular video quality (720p for example?). We tested a video at 6 and it seems that all of the bandwidth is being used, which saturates the user workstations.
Thank you for your feedback.

Hello Jeremy,

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You should try to run a signaling server for larger calls. That way you don’t have to use the p2p distribution of all video streams.

For more information about this, just use the search function. There are already some threads about it. :+1:

Thanks for your fast reply.

Is it recommended to host this STUN server on the same server that hosts Nextcloud ? I also installed the Collabora Online plugins on this same server.
My server is on Debian 10, with 4 CPU cores and 8GB of RAM.
Is it possible to host everything on the same server, it will not be a problem in terms of performance? About 150 users are expected to use Nextcloud.


You could of course start with it on one server. Or use a Dockerized setup. If you run into performance problems, you could split it up on different servers later.

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