Setting up traefik and Nextcloud all-in-one

I am brand new to running a reverse proxy. I have been running an instance using the nextcloud-vm scripts for a while now.

I have watched a video on YouTube by The Digital Life on setting up traefik. I can link the video but not sure if that is against forum rules.

I can鈥檛 seem to get it working with the Nextcloud all-in-one docker-compose setup. I have a domain pointing towards my server and have root access to my server.

Can anyone help me or offer a working docker compose that I can repurpose for me using traefik and nextcloud AIO on docker?

Hello, we try to improve the reverse proxy documentation for AIO to make it easier to understand so stay tuned.
This will be handled in Improve the reverse proxy documentation 路 Issue #570 路 nextcloud/all-in-one 路 GitHub

Hello, please follow the reworked reverse proxy documentation: all-in-one/ at main 路 nextcloud/all-in-one 路 GitHub
Feedback is welcome!